Employee Spotlight: Ken Goodnight

Posted by Navitus Health Solutions on 3/1/23 9:00 AM | 2 Minutes to Read

We recently sat down with Ken Goodnight to discuss his key priorities as Chief Transformation & Digital Officer and to learn about his professional background, passions and focus at Navitus.

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Q: Tell us about your position as Chief Transformation & Digital Officer and what you are most excited about in this role. 

A: In my position, I lead information technology, digital transformation, data governance and strategy, customer digital experience, and process innovation and improvement.

Through this scope, I am very excited to further Navitus' strategic initiative to deliver a cutting-edge technical environment and data strategy that will enable robust user experiences and quality outcomes. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services is propelling the organization to this end. 

"I am very excited to further Navitus' strategic initiative to deliver a cutting-edge technical environment and data strategy that will enable robust user experiences and quality outcomes."
- Ken Goodnight

Q: What past experiences as a senior leader have influenced your work at Navitus?

A: Prior to joining Navitus, I served as the principal of PinnacleCX, a consulting firm that helps organizations solve critical customer service and operational challenges. I have also held executive leadership roles in health plan, pharmacy benefit management, consumer credit, and travel and entertainment. My experience includes leading customer service and Medicare Part D operations at both CVS Health and Express Scripts. 

It has been rewarding to have the opportunity to apply my 16 years of experience designing and implementing customer care strategies to influence strategies that will ensure delivery of exceptional service to Navitus clients and members. 

Q: Can you tell us more about Navitus' ambitious digital transformation?

A: Absolutely! When Navitus embarked on its digital transformation to improve our full-service pharmacy benefits offering, we started with the end in mind. We worked backwards from an end-state vision of a technical foundation that was flexible and agile to address the ever-changing needs of the PBM industry. Moreover, it would power exceptional experiences by internal and external stakeholders alike.

As Navitus progresses this vision, we are investing in systems and platforms that will streamline data access, improve workflows, drive efficiencies, and augment user experiences. Each of us as individuals are accustomed to seamless digital experience in so many areas of our lives. In my perspective, the pharmacy benefits ecosystem should also strive to provide intuitive, simple experiences for our stakeholders.

Q: Why is this digital transformation so imperative?

A: In today's changing health care landscape, it's imperative that we leverage emerging technology tools to enable pharmacy benefit solutions that provide superior service and clinical care. Today, Navitus serves 9 million members with a goal of growing to support 15 million. These members depend on our services to seamlessly facilitate their pharmacy benefit and to remove unnecessary drug costs. Knowing this, I'm committed to ensuring Navitus is at the forefront of transforming the pharmacy benefit experience to meet their needs and expectations. 

Q: What are you most excited about in 2023 when it comes to improving the customer and member digital experience?

A: Over the course of 2023, our teams will process critical, foundational work toward our vision of more flexible technology service offerings for our customers. Specifically, we will see the modularization and digitization of many of Navitus' core applications. By year end, these will be ready to power enhanced capabilities. 

Q: Do you have any final thoughts you'd like to share?

A: The PBM industry is notoriously complicated, but it doesn't have to be. One of the best parts of my job is looking for innovative ways to simplify the work we do in partnership with and on behalf of plan sponsors and health plans. These efforts enable our mission and will continue to deliver toward greater transparency and affordability.

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Ken Goodnight is the Chief Transformation & Digital Officer at Navitus. In this role, he is accountable for organizational transformation, including aligning Navitus' technology transformation with enterprise priorities. Throughout his career, he has helped organizations reach best-in-class standards for service delivery and operational efficiency through high employee engagement. To learn more about Ken, view his bio on Navitus.com here

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