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We had the pleasure of connecting with our new Chief Financial Officer, George Hepburn, to discuss what excites him about his new role, what inspires him, and what opportunities he feels exist for the Navitus organization.


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Q: Tell us about your position as Chief Financial officer and what excites you about joining Navitus in this role.

A: As Chief Financial Officer, I am accountable to provide strategic financial leadership for the organization. This includes ensuring compliance with financial regulations, implementing controls to safeguard company assets, managing and reporting of the financial performance of the company, establishing appropriate pricing and risk tolerance for new clients, and interacting with our Board, banking partners, and other external constituents. 

When I initially assumed the interim role back in November of 2022, I recognized the uniqueness of this organization, its mission, and the importance of the service it provides. I knew I had interest to become a full-time member of the leadership team and I felt my years of experience in health care services and pharmacy benefit management would allow me to partner with David Fields and the leadership team to immediately contribute to the future success of Navitus.

"I recognize the uniqueness of this organization, its mission and the importance of the service it provides."
- George Hepburn

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges facing the health care industry and what opportunities exist for the Navitus organization?

A: The health care industry is faced with both headwinds and tailwinds. Government regulations are constantly changing and requiring us to be nimble and forthright about how we provide our services to our clients and their members. State and Federal regulators are focusing more attention on the practices of PBMs which will cause problems for those that are not transparent as we are. We are well-positioned to communicate our model and the fully pass-through and transparent nature of our practices. Finally, rising pharmacy costs, especially in specialty pharmaceuticals will continue to grow as new forms of treatment for complex diseases are being developed. We can positively impact this trend with our approach to finding the lowest cost, most effective treatments and helping to pass on that savings to clients and members. 

Q: What experiences do you draw inspiration from and how do they inform how you approach your work?

A: I grew up the son of a military officer and have great respect for the people that serve our country, our people and those in need. Working in the healthcare field has always made me feel like I'm working for the greater good, and a company like Navitus is a leader in serving others the right way! Finally, I have learned that we all are here to serve a higher purpose, and I've been blessed with the people that have been put in my path and the experiences I've gained from them and the family and friends that surround me. 

Q: What makes Navitus different from other organizations you've worked at throughout your career?

A: I have built my career in Finance within Fortune 100 companies and private equity-backed portfolio companies. I've spent a majority of my time working within the pharmacy and healthcare services sectors. Navitus is a perfect fit for my background. It is truly unique in its mission to enable greater affordability of important medications and to provide outstanding service to those we serve. It's not all about the money, it's about doing the right things. Sure, we are here to make money so we can invest in future programs which drive down costs for our clients, but it's about being honest and doing your job with the utmost integrity that makes Navitus unique. 

Q: Do you have any final thoughts you'd like to share?

A: I believe Navitus is well-positioned as a change agent and leader in the industry. The market is indicating heightened interest in our model and how we do business. I've witnessed many in the organization working diligently to serve both current and prospective clients with excellence in support of our growth goal. It's a privilege to work alongside a leadership team and broader organization that continues to demonstrate knowledge within pharmacy services, a passion for our shared mission, and a market-mindset to ensure future offerings address specific needs of key stakeholders.

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George H. Hepburn III is the Chief Financial Officer at Navitus Health Solutions. He brings over 40 years of senior executive and leadership roles in finance, with over 20 years in pharmacy and health care services. In his role, George provides strategic financial leadership for the organization and is accountable for all Finance and Analytics functions.

To learn more about George, view his bio on Navitus.com here

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