Minimizing Employee Costs While Maximizing Employee Savings: A Case Study

Posted by Navitus Health Solutions on Jun 25, 2020 12:15:00 PM

Considering switching PBMs? Try a pass-through model. This employer did and you won't believe the savings!

Rising pharmacy benefit costs and increased utilization continue to cause concern among plan sponsors. It’s no wonder when you consider that drug spend is expected to increase to over $420 billion per year by 2023.1 Add on the stress of a pandemic, and employers across the nation are scrambling to find answers.

So what can plan sponsors do? Consider switching your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). By partnering with a pass-through PBM who is able to fully collaborate and align with your goals for greater success, you can successfully drive down costs for both yourself and your members. According to Navitus’ 2019 Drug Trend Report, employer clients realized a 22% reduction in costs over their previous PBM.2 With those kind of savings how can you not put this on the table?

Find out how one employer was able to not only receive improved guidance and flexibility to meet its specific needs, but also improved member service and reduced pharmacy costs by revisiting its existing PBM offering.


Compassion International, a child-advocacy ministry, faced rising employee prescription drug costs but was unwilling to compromise on its excellent employee benefits. By reevaluating its reliance on a traditional PBM, the organization was able to realize double-digit cost savings without compromising patient care.


Compassion International’s goal in soliciting a new PBM was to lower costs while providing employees with the best pharmacy plan possible. In particular, they sought a PBM partnership that would provide clarity and peace of mind, allowing the organization to focus on its business and its employees. Following an exhaustive search, Compassion International selected Navitus as its PBM partner.


With its new Navitus partnership, Compassion International immediately realized extraordinary cost savings for both the plan and its membership, with no compromise to patient care. Working hand-in-hand with its new PBM, Compassion International gained the flexibility and guidance to fully realize its employee benefits vision, resulting in a co-developed benefit management strategy that combined its objectives with Navitus’ transformative pass-through approach, lowest-net-cost philosophy, and outstanding clinical care model.

Using this new approach, Compassion International experienced double-digit cost decreases, despite most employers experiencing double-digit cost increases in the same period. Gross cost and plan-paid amounts decreased substantially, while Compassion International’s employee population remained consistent.

Want to see the results? Download the full case study to learn more.

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