Breaking Down the Complex Pharmacy Benefit Process: Introducing Our New Podcast

Posted by Navitus Health Solutions on Mar 5, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Managing pharmacy benefits is extremely complicated. With the availability of over 20 thousand medications1 and the launch of hundreds more each year, combined with rising costs and increased utilization, managing expenses can be overwhelming.
In addition, choosing a PBM partner comes with its own set of complexities. With millions of dollars and member health at stake, it’s an important decision for any organization. Various PBM models and different financial arrangements to choose from make it difficult to understand which one might benefit you and your organization the most. 

On top of that, hidden costs, missing data and varying definitions can wreak havoc on the best of evaluations and skew PBM-to-PBM comparisons. Plan sponsors need a clear view into what’s going on.

Understanding what is going on in the marketplace can ensure your organization is taking advantage of the latest and greatest pharmacy benefit solutions to improve health and lower costs.

In our new quarterly podcasts, we are committed to taking you INSIDE the pharmacy benefits industry like never before. You’ll get the latest in:

  • Pharmacy benefit news
  • Information
  • Analysis
Our goal is pure and simple—to help you navigate the pharmacy benefit process.

Plus, we will share stories and insights obtained and observed within the industry from both customer AND advisor viewpoints. In addition, throughout the series industry experts and plan sponsors will join us to share their insightful and first-hand experiences to help breakdown the complexity.

Join us in our first episode where Navitus’ Gary Hattendorf breaks down everything you need to know about the players involved in selecting a PBM.


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  1. Fact Sheet: FDA at a Glance. FDA. Published October 2019. Accessed March 3, 2020.

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